Motley Design Group's Grand Avenue Studio

Design Group, LLC

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Motley Design Group offers a relaxed environment emphasizing professional development of our team. Our approach to project management and design requires each team member to think and work independently while contributing to the success of the project and the firm. As a relatively small company, we can tailor positions and responsibilities to fit your needs and abilities.


Production work is generally done using ArchiCad. For more information on ArchiCad, visit the Graphisoft website.


We are located in our own building at the heart of the Grand Avenue Arts District in downtown Phoenix. We have found this to be a dynamic and creative place to work.


Our clients value our realistic, down-to-earth approach to the practice of architecture. There are no Big Egos in the company. At the same time, the types of projects we do are very rewarding to those interested in historic preservation, urban design, sustainable development, and respectful, responsible design responses to unique problems.